online advertising


online advertising

Add entertaining gamification elements to your advertising, without having to learn a single line of code

Interact, entertain, engage and even reward your customers like never before, and in return capture vital user data for your marketing campaigns.

Gamification solutions

If your existing video or image content isn’t performing as well as expected,

then breathe some life into them using the Playable Ads Studio, and measure the impact.


Can you click them all?


Add interactive elements to your videos


Tell an interactive story


Find out what customers enjoy


Try your luck and earn rewards


Test your customers knowledge

The benefits of Playable Ads

Innovative content that will impress your existing client base, and help win new client contracts.

Increase customer engagement with your advertising, and reward customers for their interaction.

Measurable data capture per campaign and improved marketing ROI.

Additional OJOO Applications

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Crypto powered ads


Location based games

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