The Winners: Alden Biesen’s Number One

The Winners: Alden Biesen’s Number One

The European Union organised through Creative Europe a project called DARTS, Digital Art and Storytelling for Heritage Audience Development. The goal is to use digital art and creative writing to attract a younger audience to historical sites. That is why the Grand Commandery of Alden Biesen partnered with OJOO to organise a competition for mobile storytelling targeted at schools and individuals.

Throughout the fall of 2016 participants could create and send in their mobile creations which all worked around the central theme: the Grand Commandery. Several stories where sent in and at the beginning of the new year the winners were chosen.

In this article you’ll meet the top three of schools who won the competition and take home the prizes of €300, €200 and €100. And also the triumphant individual who takes home the prize of €300.

Third Place

Escape from the Castle by the International School of Düsseldorf


This story was made up around the great fire of Alden Biesen in 1971. A pour soul is trapped on the castle domain and must escape by learning the password of a medieval knight. It’s quite the adventure and it’s told completely by the use of film.

Second Place

Het Mysterie van 1971 by Miniemeninstituut Leuven


No fire was to be found in 1971 in this story, but the castle of Alden Biesen is the decor of a murder. Follow in the footsteps of female detective Lasaline as she shows up on a dreary night to investigate the death of the baron. Is the butler the culprit? Find out!

First Place

Moord in Alden Biesen by Miniemeninstituut Leuven


Three friends are being chased on the castle ground by a nut with a knife. An exciting tale that also engages the audience through several challenges. A fine winner of the main prize for schools.

Individual Winner

Ald & Biesje’s Verloren Sprookjes by Nadia Waumans


The cute figures Ald & Biesje live in the old castle and ask the player for help on an adventure in their fantasy world. An angry wizard took away all the magic of the castle so no fairy tale could ever be told again… The tale of the lost magic of the fairy tales makes Nadia the winner of the competition for individuals, congratulations!

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