Location-based cases

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Pokemon GO games in Taiwan

Kosmoo Play

25 treasure hunts for a TV serie promotion

Antwerp Diamonds

A mobile game mixed with a real life event

Fosfor the dragon

Touristic city game for kids in Ghent

Indoor games

20 unique games based on a custom theme

City game series

Interactive storytelling in 5 different cities

Storytelling games

Games created by OJOO partners

Indoor event game

With indoor bluetooth beacons

Attraction park game

Discover the park in an interactive way

City game

Interactive city hunt for families

City game

Interactive touristic tour

School excursion

Student trips 2.0

Campus game

Game for a sports school

Lightfestival tour

Interactive festival guide

City Game

Creation with the DIY studio


Create your own games

The Location based Studio is available for anyone with a specific project in mind to bring a location or attraction to life! Our users have created games for cities, parks, museums, theme parks, and many more exciting locations! If you would like to create a location based game for your city, attraction or business, feel free to contact us!


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