OJOO’s Games with Attitude Competition: The Shortlist!

OJOO is all about playing in an augmented world and creating your own cool mobile games. This competition rewards the most engaging and fun games on the platform; the Games with Attitude.

Between October 1st and December 31st of 2016 every game submitted on the OJOO platform was eligible for this competition.

The competition was divided into three categories: location based games, non-location based games, international games. Below you can take a look at the shortlist of each category and decide on your favourite by voting on the OJOO Facebook page.

Location based games

Dr. Moens op de vlucht door Lede

Dr. Moens op de vlucht door LedeSet in the Great War this game follows the town of Lede’s most famous inhabitant on his escape from the terrors of war. Made with a ton of home-made videos.

Het Mysterie van Sint-Amands

Het Mysterie van Sint-AmandsAn eccentric old man was sighted in the town of Sint-Amands, lunatic or reincarnation of Belgium’s renowned poet Emile Verhaeren. Find out for yourself en get swept up in this poetic story filled with audio fragments.

De geheime plekjes van KortrijkDe geheime plekjes van Kortrijk

This adorable tour of the city of Kortrijk was made by the children of a local preschool. The kids show you their favourite spots, give you info and let you solve challenges. All art was made by the kids themselves.

Burcht, parel aan de Schelde

Burcht, parel aan de ScheldeThis interactive tour of the community of Burcht, on the borders of the river Scheldt, dives into local history. This pearl of a game was made by the winner of the DARTS Digital Storytelling Competition, so you know it’ll be good!

Non-location based games


Luther 500500 years of protestant reformation is celebrated in a gamified way with this mystery game that can be played anywhere. Wander through early modern streets while solving the crime of the theft of Martin Luther’s 95 theses.

The Human Heart

The Human HeartIt’s not always fun and games. This crash course in anatomy shows us the ins and outs (mainly the ins, since… you know, it’s anatomy) of the human heart by follow the blood through the arteries. A fine example of an educational use of OJOO’s platform.

CityTrip Quiz: Parijs Onderhuids

CityTrip Quiz: Parijs OnderhuidsNot every game on OJOO has to be a city tour or a simple quiz. The platform can be used in so many different ways. This quiz isn’t just the sum of a few questions, it accompanies a book that was published at the same time. The book tells stories of the secret world of Paris, set in every of the 20 arrondissements. This OJOO follows the story and asks questions in and about each of those locations. A great combo of mobile and traditional media.

Cultuur in de spiegel

Cultuur in de spiegelExplaining difficult philosophical theories to anyone can be quite a pain in the backside. But a noble attempt has been made with this mobile experience. Both students and teachers get an idea of cultural concepts by thinking exercises and practical assignments. Another prime educational example.

International games

Giocacultura: Città Di Catania

Giocultura: citta di CataniaThis little pearl came to us from the fair isle of Sicily. A guided tour filled with challenges in the city of Catania, in the shade of Mount Etna. A great use of qualitative images in this one.

Bangor Winter Carnival Challenge!

Bangor Winter Carnival ChallengeThe Verizon center for customer service in Bangor, Maine held their first winter carnival during the past Christmas holidays. The staff was challenged to catch winter themed characters and solve snow and ice related challenges (they know a lot about snow and ice in Maine). The employee with the highest score received a nice price in the end.

The Knights of Visingsö

The Knights of VisingsöIn the lake Vättern near Jönköping, Sweden lies and island and several picturesque towns. Visit the castles and churches of this area and learn on how to become a Swedish knight.

Manly Amazing Scavenger Hunt

Manly Amazing Scavenger RaceGames can’t be more international than this. A scavenger hunt in the city of Manly, Australia. This teambuilding activity takes place all over town and lets you preform all kinds of physical challenges, from a human pyramid to making team tattoos. Great work!

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