OJOO Feature Updates: New Mobile Format plus fixed CTA buttons!

We, or should I say our Development Team, have been very busy creating new features that will make it easier, more enjoyable, and generally just useful for you as an OJOO user! We’ve got a lot of great features in the pipeline, but we’re delighted to announce the first update of 2019: Mobile Formats!


Introducing Mobile Formats

This new format will enable you to create interactive videos that are specifically suited to smaller screen types such as mobile phones and smaller tablets. This also means that all text fields will scale perfectly to adjust to smaller screens. Check out how these look!

This new feature is the latest format option that now covers the largest digital display screens right down to the smallest phone displays. Here’s quick look at the other formats available in our studio:

  • Video only size

If you only want to upload a video and make it interactive, this is your best option. The size is 820×460 pixels, the standard video ratio. Perfect for embedding on your website or as in-article content. You can also add a header and footer to your video if you wish.

  • Facebook tab size

The optimal size to add a game into a Facebook tab is 820×800. It allows you to add a header and a footer to any content. The header and footer are bigger in this case to use the the full space available in the tab.

  • Full page size

You can make a full page ad with the iframe of the ad inside of it. The size of the add can be any of the 3 types. In the design section of the studio you need to upload a background image to customize the full page. This is the format to choose if you want to display your video on large interactive screens.

New Call-To-Action (CTA) Options!

With fixed Call-To-Action buttons, you can place a interactive hotspot that remains in place for the duration of your video, and also allows for placement at the end of the video to encourage your viewer to replay the ad, or learn more about your message. Why not try these new features out today?

Try these new features and create your interactive video for free!