How to use interactive video marketing to meet your marketing goals

Top marketers are always looking for new ways to improve their ROI and get an edge over their competitors. In the last couple of years, they have massively turned to video.

But what if we told you there’s an even better way to use video in your marketing strategy? Have you ever considered interactive video marketing?

In this article, we will show you how to use interactive video, why it is so effective and concrete examples of how to use it to meet your marketing goals.

What is interactive video marketing?

There’s no denying people like video. 90% of marketers already use video in their communication, sales or marketing. But the main goal of videos has been to create content people like and potentially want to share, resulting in a very passive form of communication.

An interactive video marketing strategy strategically upgrades your videos to interactive videos with well-thought of conversions to drive concrete marketing goals like sales, website traffic, leads and customer insights.

Interactive videos are enriched videos with interactive layers and clickable hot spots. That allows you to add information pop-ups, click-throughs, contact forms, questions, mini games to an existing video. Therefore, they are a lot more functional to drive consumers to specific layers in your marketing funnel.

Why is interactive video marketing so effective?

Video used to be a rigid and linear storytelling medium. After pressing play, the only thing you can do is pause, rewind or skip parts. Interactive video breaks that one-way form of communication and replaces it with an immersive video experience.

A solution to dropping attention

Video is a very passive medium. You have no idea whether your viewers are actually watching or already thinking about something else. Studies show there is a clear drop in video engagement after 2 minutes.

Interactive video constantly triggers viewers to engage with the video by adding hot spots with additional information, asking questions and even allowing them to make decisions on how the video will proceed. You can also make the video pause automatically and only continue when viewers have completed your task!

The result? Viewers remain attentive and feed you valuable customer insights in one go!

Immediate information

According to Facebook, the top reason people bounce after clicking on an ad is slow loading times. Consumers want to have immediate acces to the information they are looking for.

Interactive video gives consumers the possibility to immediately get extra information by clicking open pop ups in the video. If they don’t like it, they can just close it and continue watching. If they do, they immediately click through to a relevant page and take a massive shortcut to the conversion you want.

Either way this creates a very direct way to interact with viewers and improve their experience with your brand.

Consumers love interaction

People like giving their opinion. And research shows people have a very positive attitude towards interactive content formats.Viewers love the feeling they are in control of the information, instead of getting annoyed by another promotional message. Creating a more attractive video experience boosts the efficiency of your message.

4 ways to boost your marketing strategy with interactive video

#1 Include buy links to boost web shop sales

Interactive product videos allow to showcase your product and add additional information behind clickable hot spots for viewers who want to know more. Then you can immediately link through to a product page on your website or web shop. This creates a drastic shortcut in your conversion funnel and allows you use video to efficiently boost sales!

#2 Add questions and feedback options to gather customer insights

With an interactive survey video you can questions and forms to gather customer insights. Let viewers choose which product they like the most, ask them to give their opinion in an open answer questions, and even include subscription forms if they want to stay up to date on news and updates!

Interactive video example - Lead generation - OJOO

#3 Insert forms to collect leads Interactive Data video

Create interactive data videos by strategically inserting contact forms to your video and transform your video to a lead generator. Here are some ideas on how to use interactive video to collect leads.

  • Contest
    Include a contest in your video and generate leads by giving away a prize. Our technology includes several ways to give away prizes like a slot machine, tie breaker question or a leader board.
  • Content locker
    When creating an interactive video, you can choose to pause the video and automatically pop up your content. This allows you to create a content locker, so viewers need to insert their email address if they want to watch the rest of the video.
  • Split contact form
    Reduce the effort of filling in a contact form by asking users to fill in their contact details in small steps. First ask their country, then their age and finish of with personal details like e-mail address and telephone number.

#4 Increase brand engagement with an interactive video game

Findit video game
In this ‘Where is Waldo’ type of game you can upload 5 images the viewers need to look for and click on while watching the video.

Reflex video game
Test your viewer’s reflexes each time they spot something in your video. The scores depend on the reaction speed. The faster they react, the more points they get!

Yes/no game
Challenge your viewers to judge different situations. They need to click every time they see something (for example: one of your products, a dangerous situation, …).

#5 Bonus: unlimited combinations

Our interactive video studio is designed with modular building blocks. This means you can freely combine all the features to fully customise your interactive videos to your marketing goals! The only limit is your own imagination!

Want some more examples on how to use interactive video in your business?
Check out these cool interactive video examples!

How to easily create your own interactive videos?

With our design you can create your own interactive videos in just a few easy steps and without coding knowledge.  Just upload your video, choose a time frame and choose between a wide array of interactive layers to make your video interactive:

  • Information pop-up
  • Click-throughs
  • Contact forms
  • Questions
  • Video / image upload tasks
  • Interactive video story
Interactive video examples - How to add intearctive layers - OJOO

Ready to boost your marketing ROI with interactive video?

We would love to help you with your interactive video strategy! Let’s combine forces and reach for top scores together!