4 interactive video examples to collect data better

Many companies agree data collection is becoming increasingly difficult. More than ever, people are wary of sharing personal information. With gamification, you can turn your videos into data collection tools that also entertain users. Want to find out how? Keep reading!

Video will only gain importance in the future. But the inability to interact with video is a big drawback. However, interactive video allows you to add additional content to videos behind clickable hot spots and turn your videos into high-performing data collection tools.

In this article you can find:

  • Which data you can collect with interactive video
  • How to use the data to drive your business
  • 4 examples of interactive video types you can use to collect data


What are interactive videos?

Interactive videos are videos with interactive layers and hot spots you can click on.

In our design studio you can upload a video and add clickable hot spots with information pop-ups, questions, click-throughs, mini games and contact forms to make it interactive.


Which data can you collect with interactive video?

By adding clicks and interactions to your video, the data you can collect increases massively.

Not only can you track analytics and in-video behaviour in much more detail, you can also add questions, forms and feedback opportunities to:

  • test brand awareness and knowledge
  • ask customer for feedback and opinions
  • collect contact information and generate leads
  • gather user generated content like photos and videos


So interactive videos generate a large amount of very diverse data. But let’s take a look at how you can use these data to your advantage.


How to use interactive video data to drive your business?

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By putting viewers in the driver seat and letting them decide how to interact with your content, you can learn a lot about their interests, desires and opinions.

But how do you use this knowledge to improve your business?

  • Use customer insights to drive business decisions

You can use interactive videos to scout which products or services your (potential) clients like and are interested in. Present new products, services or ideas in a video and ask your stakeholders to provide immediate feedback. Or just check which parts of the video viewers engage with the most.

Use these data to support your strategical company decisions.

  • Support your marketing

Include contact forms to your interactive videos to identify your viewers and push your marketing to a whole new level. Think about it. You know exactly how viewers interacted with your video:

  • which hot spots they clicked on
  • all answers to your questions
  • their contact details
  • when they stopped watching


Marketers can feed this information into marketing automation platforms to further target these people with specific follow up information.

Moreover, you can include upload challenges in your interactive video to collect user generated content like photos and videos. Afterwards, you can use these on your own communication channels!

  • Support your sales team

You sales team can contact the leads with concrete solutions to the problems identified in the video.


Interactive video examples to collect data better

Check out some cool examples of interactive video types you can use to collect specific types of data.

#1 Interactive product video


In an interactive product video, you showcase the features of one product or your full product range. The goal is to briefly present features or products and give viewers a range of options to access more information about the things they are interested in.

You can do that by adding clickable hot spots with:

  • extra information (texts, images, audio and video)
  • a direct link to your website or web shop
  • a contact form to receive more information
  • Feedback questions to give an opinion


Use this type of interactive video to learn:

  • Which features, services or products your clients are most interested in
  • Track user behaviour on your website after viewing a video
  • How to optimise your product videos in the future


#2 Interactive brand insight video


In a brand awareness insight video you test how familiar you are with your brand, visual identity and core values:

  • Test if viewers can identify your logo
  • Check if they know your slogan
  • Ask viewers which qualities they associate with your brand


You not only get detailed insights about the current state of your brand, it’s also a great tool to instantly build your brand awareness and correct misconceptions. After all, playing games is the best way to learn!

If you’re interested in using video to build brand awareness, you can read this article on how to build your brand with interactive video games.

#3 Content locker video


Interactive videos have an option to automatically pause and push content, instead of showing the content behind a hot spot. You can use this feature to add a contact form with a required email address as a content locker to generate leads.

#4 Branching interactive video

In a branching video, you let your viewers choose their own personalised journey. You ask them a question and based on the reply, the viewers is sent to a different part of the video. This type of video is most commonly used for these applications:

  • Educational videos with skippable parts based on the viewer’s knowledge level
  • Sales videos guiding viewers to solutions based on their interests and problems
  • Interactive video stories where viewers embark on a personalised journey


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