4 interactive video examples that solve your business needs

Video marketing is not the future, but the present. But there’s still one big challenge for video marketers: videos are still hard to interact with. Interactive video is the missing link to efficiently use video to meet your concrete business KPIs.

The lack of interaction of standard video is a huge drawback, making it difficult to use video directly to support campaign goals like:

  • Boost sales
  • Generate leads
  • Increase website traffic


That’s why we developed a tool to create a new and improved kind of video content that will make it easier to achieve your campaign goals: interactive ads!

In this article we will teach you:

  • What interactive video is
  • How you can overcome the biggest video challenge with interactive video
  • Interactive video examples that solve your business needs
  • How you can create interactive ads with the OJOO design studio

What are interactive videos?

Interactive videos are enriched with interactive layers containing information pop-ups, click-throughs, contact forms, questions, mini games and even videos-in-video!

They are created with html5 technology, which means you can play them on any web browser and implement them on your own website, as banner ads or video pre-rolls on media website.

Looking for inspiration?
Check out some interactive video examples here!

How interactive video is the answer to video’s biggest challenges

Although video has become one of the most popular content types, it still faces a couple of challenges. Especially the inability to interact with the video limits the possibilities. By making video interactive, we were able to overcome the biggest challenges and make video much more useful to achieve your campaign goals.

  • No more one-way conversion

Although video has been praised as a great medium to create a connection with your target audience, too often video is still used to push promotional company-centric messages.

With interactive video you can add questions and feedback opportunities to engage viewers to give their opinion and start a real conversation.

  • Valuable data collection

Standard video statistics are still very limited. Interactive video not only allows you to track your viewer’s behaviour in much more detail, you can also test them to see if they understand your message, whether they found it interesting or entertaining, etc.

This is extremely valuable information you can feed into your marketing automation platform to target people a lot better in the future.

  • Efficiently meet your KPI targets

Imagine you want to boost the sales in your web shop. Would a normal video be the best way to achieve your goal or would you prefer a content type with a direct link to the web shop?

Although video can be used to achieve many business goals, it often does it with a detour. Interactive video on the other hand, provides a straight motorway directly to the conversion you are aiming at.

4 inspiring interactive video examples to boost your business

Now you know all about interactive video, let’s check out a couple of inspiring interactive video examples that solve your business needs!

#1 Boost web shop sales with interactive video

British Luxury outlet Ted Baker created a super cool interactive video to showcase their product range and immediately boost sales. In this hilarious interactive video, two cops are examining the curious tools a suspect used.

All items are for sale in the Ted Baker web shop and are directly linked in the video with a clickable hotspot, allowing you to start shopping immediately.

Interactive video example - Lead generation - OJOO

#2 Use interactive video to increase your e-mail database

Enrich your product videos with an email subscription form to expand your email database. When showcasing different products, you can add several forms, so you know exactly who’s interesting in which product, allowing you to target them afterwards with specific product updates!

#3 Improve your recruitment with an interactive video story

This interactive video story for recruitment campaign for Deloitte perfectly displays the possibilities of interactive video. In this video series, viewers are confronted with situations linked to the company values of Deloitte and need to make a decision on how they would react.

A perfect way to introduce the company in a fun, interactive and creative way!

Interactive video examples for training - OJOO

#4 Make employees learn faster with an interactive video course

Interactive training course are also an awesome application of interactive video. By adding questions to your video, you can immediately test the skills and knowledge of your employees and make them learn faster.

How to easily create your own interactive videos?

With our design you can create your own interactive videos in just a few easy steps and without coding knowledge.  Just upload your video, choose a time frame and choose between a wide array of interactive layers to make your video interactive:

  • Information pop-up
  • Click-throughs
  • Contact forms
  • Questions
  • Video / image upload tasks
  • Interactive video story
Interactive video examples - How to add intearctive layers - OJOO

Want to get started with interactive video?

Contact us for more information about our design studio to create your own interactive videos! Let’s combine forces and reach for top scores together!