8 Gamification techniques marketing professionals can’t live without

The concept of playing a game, achieving a top score and potentially winning something triggers playfulness, a competitive spirit and creativity in all of us.

Marketers can exploit this increased state of emotional investment to increase the efficiency of their ads. By applying gamification techniques in marketing, you can use the positive effects of gaming to increase your campaign results.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of using gaming elements in a non-gaming environment.

It exploits the competitive human nature to increase fun and engagement by challenging people and rewarding them with points, prizes or rewards.

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Why are gamification techniques so effective?

When playing games, we are very emotionally invested. And the state of mind of their target audience is very important to marketers. Think about Facebook pushing more ads when you like or love content, because they infer you are in a good spirit.

Gamification uses game design elements to increase engagement. Gamification techniques can help you to use the mental state of your target audience to your advantage.

How Playable ads use gamification techniques in marketing to boost your ROI

Playable ads are gamified advertisements that transform your commercial message into a challenging game, by adding gamification elements.

#1 Add a point system to increase engagement and brand visibility.

A point system provides a huge engagement spike as people always want to perform well. It incentives your target audience to replay the ad to get an even higher score. That drastically increases your brand visibility. And maybe they’ll challenge friends to beat their score!

The most common applications of point systems in marketing are quizzes and branded mini games. But our Playable ad design studio also includes formats to turn your company videos into interactive video games! Here you can play some examples of Playable ads with a point system.

#2 Give away a prize to generate leads

Organising a contest is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. You need to contact the winners, right? So leaving behind contact details is just a natural part of a contest.

And because they are already interacting with your ad and used to answering questions and clicking on things, filling in a form feels a lot less intrusive to players.

#3 Increase engagement with choices

Making choices is a classic gamification technique players find really rewarding. A great example to incorporate making choices in your marketing campaigns are interactive video stories.

Interactive videos are videos with clickable layers that allow you to create interactive video stories with branching storylines. Depending on the choices your viewers make, they skip to a different video.

#4 Create levels to boost brand interaction time

People love the feeling of improvement. Levels with increasing difficulty are very addictive and can get people hooked to keep playing, boosting the time they interact with your brand.

You can use levels for example to create games about different brands or products and encourage people to keep playing and discover more of your business!

Gamification techniques marketing

#5 Set a minimum score increase engagement

Playable ads allow you to set minimum scores players need to win a prize. Use this to your advantage to challenge your players, increase their engagement and trigger them to aim for the top score. And if they haven’t reached the minimum score on their first try, they are far more likely to try again and spend more time with your brand.

#6 Stimulate replays with a slot machine

A slot machine is a great way to give away a prize. It’s not only very exciting, the players also immediately know if they won or not. And the prizes are automatically distributed, which saves you time.

But the biggest advantage is that players will be inclined to try several times to test their luck on the slot machine!

#7 Include a share to retry buton to get more reach

Playable ads are more likely to be shared because of their fun and interactive nature.

But you can stimulate social shares even more by including a share to retry button in your ad and give players an extra chance to win by sharing the game!

#8 Generate user content with upload challenges

Challenge your target audience to give their opinion or upload a cool image or video. From our experience we know people really go the extra mile when they can win a prize. If you want creative ideas, photos or videos from your customers, gamification is the way to go.


How to create your own Playable ads?

With our design studio, you can create your own Playable ads in just a few easy steps and without coding knowledge. Just upload your content and videos and add challenges, prizes, rewards and contact forms to gamify your marketing campaigns.

Click here for more all information on our playable ads studio!


We’d love to help you improve your marketing campaigns. Let’s combine forces and reach for top scores together!