7 key gamification elements to one up your business goals

Thanks to gamification, you can “one up” your business goals and results in a fun, interactive way, whether you’re active in marketing, e-learning, HR or even the tourist industry. Name the industry, we bet it can be gamified!

Gamification allows you to stand out, stay top-of-mind, attract the right audiences and to convince them to buy your products. It enables you to train and educate employees and board them in a fun, new way.

What about adding some augmented reality to your tourist attraction or company map to enrich your visitors’ experiences?

We could go on for a while, you know…


Do you want to gamify your business? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At OJOO, we’ve narrowed down the 7 most important gamification elements –  building blocks, if you will – you should consider when building great games for your target audience and business, whatever your industry:

Below, we’ll explore them from the bottom up. Be sure to read along!

Oh, and by the way, by using our awesome OJOO game studios, you can quickly and easily create your own games by combining all these gamification elements.

Just so you know…

6 + 1 Key Gamification Elements to Gamify Your Business

1. Media content

Nowadays, content is king. People want to get informed, inspired, educated and entertained. Content is the first and foremost building block of a great game for your business!

As a business, you should leverage all kinds of media content – audio, video, photos, text – to tell an interactive story and offer people relevant and valuable information.

At OJOO, we know creating the right content for the right audiences requires a lot of time and effort. That’s why we made sure businesses can easily re-use their existing materials to create fun games and interactive videos within our OJOO game studios.

Branded game design made easy!


Below, you can see how existing media content can be turned in a fun, branded game for your company.

Do you want to gamify your business?

Do you want to start gamifying your business quickly and efficiently by using the OJOO game studios? Do not hesitate to contact us! Let’s combine forces and reach for top scores together!

2. Challenges

At the core of every game lies a challenge. There are many types of games though, and many types of challenges. So it’s crucial to choose the right challenge or game format to appeal to your target audience and support your business goals.

OJOO’s game studios allow you to build over 30 types of challenges, for example, including:

  • Quizzes
  • Puzzles
  • Minigames: e.g. Whack-The-Mole, Flappy Bird
  • Augmented Reality games: e.g. Space Invaders, Pokémon Go
  • Interactive video’s and video stories
  • Video games: e.g. Findit
  • Other formats: e.g. uploads, open questions, etc.

Choose wisely. After all, the right challenge makes your game extra fun and interactive!


Below, you can find some examples of…

3. Forms and login options

To gain actionable insights about your target audience and improve your business, marketing and targeting, you need to collect data.

Collecting data is important, but it’s not always easy. That’s where forms and login registrations come in handy.

You can make and implement forms with custom fields of your choice. Name, age, phone number, website, for example. Lead qualification made easy!

Another possibility is enabling people to login or register, through Facebook for example. This way, you can collect some of their public data.


Below, you can find an example of a custom form that can be used to collect data and gain insights.

4. Reward gamification elements

What would games be without rewards, right? Whether virtual – like badges – or real, like freebies, store credits or reductions, rewards boost engagement and trigger people to play and to play more.

Your audience will be more willing to share their contact information if they can win a reward in return, for example.

Of course, rewards have one other great benefit: they make storytelling and game design way easier. If we say pirate game, you say treasure. If we say casino game, you say money. If we say [INSERT YOUR INDUSTRY] game, you say?


OJOO’s slot machine game offers players a reward in return for a share: an extra spin, for example, or a voucher. Let the games continue!

Do you want to gamify your business?

Do you want to start gamifying your business quickly and efficiently by using the OJOO game studios? Do not hesitate to contact us! Let’s combine forces and reach for top scores together!

5. Social gamification elements

Do you want to increase the reach and visibility of your game quickly, efficiently and for free? (And by game we mean business, products and services, of course.) In that case, it’s very important to add social gamification elements to your game.

Engage people to share! After all, people are social animals. Always online. Always connected. Always wanting and often willing to share.


There are many ways to engage users to share. The most straightforward one is by including some nice social share buttons.

6. Data insights

In the age of information, knowledge is power. Collecting data allows you to gain useful game and customer insights to improve your games, marketing and/or business, for example:

  • General data: How long do people play? How many people finish your game? When do they quit my game?
  • Demographic data: What’s the age, location and gender of my audience?
  • Challenge-specific data: How many answers where right or wrong? What’s the knowledge level of my audience?
  • Form data: What is my audience’s contact information?
  • User generated content: You can ask players to upload their own photos and videos.

Demographic and form data can be used to better target your marketing campaigns, gain insights about your customers and qualify leads. General data can be used to improve your games and adjust the difficulty level, for example.

And last but not least, challenge-specific data can be used to gauge the knowledge or skill level of your trainees.

Valuable information, right? The applications are endless. But remember this: without data insight, you’ll never know whether your game is successful and supports your business goals and what improvements you can make. Muy importante amigos!

OJOO’s games can be played on interactive billboards. This way, you can engage you audience with interactive display games in your store, during trade fairs or during other events.

By asking visitors and clients about their preferences or experiences, you gain invaluable insights!

Bonus: Locations

There’s 1 final bonus gamification element we should highlight: location of course! It’s not a key gamification element like the 6 previous ones, but you can use all the previous elements to build 3 amazing types of location-based games:

  • Outdoor games (based on GPS technology)
  • Indoor games (using beacons)
  • Virtual location games: play and visit places without leaving your lazy chair!


Below, you can see how existing media content can be turned in a fun, branded game for your company or city.

7 gamification elements, 1 solution to combine them all!

So now you know all the key gamification elements and best practices needed to build a great game for your business and boost results:

  1. Create or re-use great media content
  2. Choose a challenge that appeals to your audience and supports your business goals
  3. Use the right form or registration formula to collect the data you need
  4. Implement an appropriate award for your target audience
  5. Encourage players to share your game on social media
  6. Use your data insights to improve your game, marketing and business

So 6 key gamification elements (and 1 bonus building block), but how will you combine them? OJOO to the rescue!

In our design studios, you can create your own 100% custom location-based games, Playable Ads, interactive e-learning and HR tools without any coding knowledge. That’s right.

You can fully customize the design of all your gamification elements and building blocks and combine them in any order to achieve your specific business goals, match your brand identity and aim for maximum engagement and interactivity!

Simply drag and drop your content and add interactive layers, challenges, prizes and contact forms to build your own games! Easy peasy!

What are you waiting for? Discover our

and start building your very own games!

Do you want to gamify your business?

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