Games with attitude competition

Send us your coolest mobile games and win!

from Oct 1st, 2016 – Dec 31st, 2016

The competition

OJOO is all about playing in an augmented world and creating your own cool mobile games. This competition rewards the most engaging and fun games on the platform; the games with Attitude.

Our jury consists of community members who will play the shortlist of winning games. The ultimate winner is the most fun & played OJOO.

You think you’re up for the challenge? Start creating now and let us know when it’s finished!

OJOO competiton platform + app

Win these fantastic prizes

A 360° camera for the winner of each category.

OJOO gadgets for the runners up.

The criteria

A total score on these 3 criteria will be given, with the highest weight for FUN while playing the game.

1. Fun experience

How much fun did the jury have? How much do others rate your game?

2. Creative content

How cool is the storyline? How much gameplay elements are integrated? How cool does your game look?

3. Promotion

How did you promote your game? Via social media or with the OJOO promotion tools?

Jury's criteria games with attitude competition


Location based game

Let people discover a city, park or any other hidden gem. Let them enter in a story where they can solve mysteries and find a treasure.

Non Location based game

Use OJOO to create a nice game that can be played anywhere. Make a superb quiz or let players walk around in a virtual story & make it fun!

international competition
International game

Belgium is our home base and we’ve already welcomed games from Hawaii over India to Australia. Create an international game we want to take a holiday for.

Previous Winners



Away from the City was selected because
it gamified fairy tales. The game links places
to fairy tales and enables children to discover
literature in a whole new way.



Mysterious Belgium had an incredible storyline
about the mysteries in Belgium. You witness
he unknown and need to solve all challenges.
It's a beautiful and slightly frightening masterpiece.



The city of Aalst was ready to gamify their
world-famous Mardi Gras festivities! Thanks to
Zjangske van Oilst, more than 600 students
discovered the do’s and don’ts during
Aalst’s greatest event.

And the winners are…

On February 1 at 19hr we organize an award ceremony in the headquarters of OJOO in Ghent. The participants will be invited and the winners will be announced.

We will end the night with a good new years drink! Anyone who supports OJOO is invited!

How to participate?

Create your game or games (yes, you can participate with multiple games) in the OJOO studio and publish them. Don’t forget to test your game & play it with some friends for feedback & promotion.

Once you have done all this, let us know that you are participating to the competition by sending an email to:


  • The name of your game
  • The category you want to participate in
  • End of the competition: 31/12/ 2016 – midnight
  • You can participate with multiple games
  • You can participate in multiple categories
  • Email to counts as participation
  • FUN level of the game is the most important criteria

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