10 killer examples of creative interactive touch screen campaigns

What do the best marketing campaigns have in common? Creativity and interactiveness! That’s why interactive touch screens are fantastic medium for your next campaign.

Interactive touch screen ads allow you to:

  • Effectively reach new clients
  • Build brand awareness
  • Capture data
  • Collect customer insights
  • Give away prizes
  • And just have a lot of fun


Check out 10 of the best interactive touch screen campaigns that will inspire you to engage your clients in a whole new way!

#1 Pepsi’s unbelievable bus shelter

Pepsi Max wanted to promote the ‘unbelievable’ nature of the drink in a creative way and came up with an AR experienced that transformed a bus shelter in an AR world with laser-shooting robots, flying saucers, exotic animals, incoming asteroids and many more unbelievable things in London’s city centre.

The campaign video was a huge succes generating over 10 million views, world wide news coverage a 35% sale increase for Pepsi Max. On top of that, the campaign also won 20 advertising awards.

#2 Mattel’s mall pictionary

Mattel surprised kids with a live interactive Pictionary game in an ad billboard. An actor in a nearby room was streamed live onto the billboard. Shoppers who noticed his subtle movements and took the time to play, were surprised with an immersive Pictionary experience with super cool random rewards like a huge Teddy Bear or a marching band concert!

Their viral compilation video gathered 100 000 views in the first day, and in the meantime has reached well over 1 million views! That’s shows launching creative campaigns really pays off!

#3 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar giveaway quiz

Research showed only 1 in 2 Norwegians knew Coke Zero didn’t contain sugar. So they created an awesome interactive billboard with a simple yes/no questions. People who answered correctly were surprised with a fresh drink!

The billboard generated over 41 hours of continuous involvement with the brand.

#4 Meet the Axe Angel

Axe wanted to build brand awareness with people waiting for a bus. Through touch screens in various bus shelters, people could meet the Axe Angels after entering their email address.

The campaign helped to build Axe’s customer email database and many people shared their video of the encounter with the Axe Angels!

#5 Nike’s my time is now campaign

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This interactive touch screen campaign allowed soccer fans to vote which of Nike sponsored ‘Young masters’ they would like to get selected for England’s EURO 2012 campaign.

The campaign ran 4 weeks during the European Championship and was Nike’s most successful football campaign ever.

#6 Despicable Me 2 Mobile controlled screens


Universal Pictures wanted to reach the children to promote the movie release of Dispicable Me. And there’s no better way to do that than to let them play with the Minions, right? By sending SMS messages or using a web app, the children could send commands to make them dance, wrestle, build, boogie and many other cool animated sequences.

The campaign ran on 259 digital screens in 51 shopping malls and reached over 10 million shoppers. Awesome!


#7 Timberland’s virtual fitting room

Timberland noticed some people don’t like using fitting rooms for several reasons, while their statistics show people using them are 7 times more likely to buy products.

Their solution? A virtual fitting room that takes your picture and allows you to try out all outfits. Afterwards, you get the pictures in your mailbox and they appear on Timberland’s Facebook page.

The biggest win, however, was the positive feedback from other people, in real life as well as on the social pages!

#8 Magnum’s virtual ice-cream bar

To promote the launch of a new Magnum ice-cream bar, Unilever seduced passersby with a teasing interactive experience. A facial recognition camera first detects the player’s mouth, who needs to smile to activate the game. In the following mini game, you can virtually eat the ice-cream by making biting movements, and afterwards, users could instantly upload their picture to the Street Magnum Facebook page.

The campaign was targeted at women from 18-35 and ran for two weeks in the city centre’s of Sidney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


#9 Hello Bank Challenge your thumbs

To build awareness for their new banking app, Hello Bank ran an interactive ad campaign in Brussels-North and Antwerp-Central stations.

They created a simple interactive touch screen mini game that perfectly supported the message they wanted to convey: prepare your thumbs for the mobile banking universe.

#10 Grow Finanial credit union

This permanent installation for Grow Financial credit union demonstrates how you can effectively target passersby with an interactive touch screen game. Players need to answer a quiz question, play a cool mini game and fill in their email address to redeem a voucher.

A fantastic way to:

  • Engage passersby
  • Build brand awareness
  • Gather valuable data
  • Give away a prize

This proves you don’t need a cool product or a neat brand to get people engaged. Even a serious company like a credit union can engage clients with just the right amount of fun!

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