The Playable Ads: your solution to face 2017’s digital marketing challenges SM

OJOO for advertising: your solution to face 2017’s digital marketing challenges

In 2017, companies still face the same digital marketing challenges as ever:

• they want to be top-of-mind,
• attract the right audiences,
• and persuade them to buy their products.

Easier said than done, right? Are you trying to tackle these issues as well? Not to worry!

Below, you will read more about 5 of the biggest digital marketing challenges in 2017 (and many years to come) and one great solution to tackle these challenges and reach your goals: OJOO for advertising.

Curious? Be sure to read on!

5 big digital marketing challenges in 2017

Digital marketing gets easier AND more difficult every single day:

• It gets easier because we have ever more possibilities to share our message with a target audience.
• It gets more difficult because it gets harder and harder to reach and engage an audience.

In an oversaturated digital world, marketers need to come up with new creative solutions to stand out and offer value. Innovation, creativity and the right approach are more important than ever to face present and future digital marketing challenges:

Digital marketing challenge 1: changing buyer behaviour

Buyer behaviour and the way people do business constantly evolve. Customers are becoming ever more selective and it’s increasingly difficult to attract their attention.

That’s why companies need to adapt and meet their consumers where they are now — be it on Facebook, YouTube, in a messaging app, or on a mobile device.

Digital marketing challenge 2: stimulate engagement

One of the biggest digital marketing challenges in 2017 is finding effective ways to attract and engage customers. On average, people see 5000 branding messages a day. No wonder they’re fed up with ads! More often than not, they consciously ignore or even block them.

The facts don’t lie:

91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than two years ago. (HubSpot, 2016)
87% of people say there are more ads than two years ago. (HubSpot, 2016)
82% of ad banners are actually ignored.

Instead of acquiring new clients, brands lose dozens of annoyed leads. Many marketers now realize traditional ads are overrated. 38% of marketers even say interactive content creation is one of their top priorities at the moment. (State of Inbound 2017 Hubspot)

Digital marketing challenge 2: stimulate engagement

Digital marketing challenge 3: collect the right data in a non-intrusive way

Today, consumers are reluctant to share personal data. So marketers and sales people are having a hard time collecting personal consumer data. They offer reductions and coupons if customers subscribe for their newsletters, get the loyalty cards, etc.

However, this process of collecting data has become too obvious for consumers and is starting to lose its appeal, with one exception: 43% of consumers will exchange personal data with companies to save money through personalized promotions, discounts or deals.

On top of that, customers now have several email accounts, one for “real” use and another one just to receive company promotions and newsletters. Many people even provide fake addresses.

Digital marketing challenge 3: collect the right data in a non-intrusive way

Digital marketing challenge 4: get the right insights

When running ad campaigns, you want performance metrics, but you also want to know who viewed them, who filled out forms and who engaged with CTAs.

These insights about demographics and interests enable you to analyze the effectiveness of your ads and optimize their design, targeting and engagement.

Even though there are many tools that can measure quantitative performance metrics, it remains difficult to gather actionable customer insights.

Digital marketing challenge 5: measure ROI

40% of marketers thinks providing ROI continues to be one of the most important digital marketing challenges in 2017.

The inability to measure ROI is a hindrance for marketing teams trying to prove their value or advocate for higher budgets. (State of Inbound 2017 Hubspot)

To be able to improve the effectiveness of campaigns, marketers need to find easier ways to measure the ROI of their marketing and sales efforts.

The question is how, right? Well…

OJOO for advertisements: 1 marketing solution to rule them all

As you can see, marketers are still facing big digital marketing challenges in 2017. Fortunately, there is a solution that will help you:

– stand out from your competitors,
– get your customer attention on social media,
– engage your audience on their favorite devices,
– and collect useful insights.

One of the easiest solutions to make your ads stand out, to make them truly interactive and engaging and to offer value is turning them into playable ads.

Playable ads are ads your target audience can play anywhere, on any device (thanks to HTML5 technology). It’s as easy as that!

OJOO for advertising is a customer insights and customer engagement platform designed to face today’s digital marketing challenges and reach your goals. It enables you to:

Meet consumers where they are and expand your reach

Ads created with the OJOO for advertising platform use HTML5. This flexible technology offers tons of benefits for creating, distributing and playing ads. Your audience can play ads anywhere, anytime and on any device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

This includes touch screen devices. So you can use them for interactive booths and kiosks at conferences or special events.

Ads can be published either as an iframe or a hyperlink, offering lots of opportunities to integrate them on your website, mobile app or within a Facebook community. So playable ads are an ideal way to increase customer engagement and consequently get more social reach.

Meet consumers where they are and expand your reach

Predefine buyer behaviour through gamification

When you create your playable ad – for example in a “Findit” ad format – you can predefine buyer behavior.

Findit is a unique playable ad format that combines video marketing with gamification. Players watch your commercial, look for 5 specific images and try to tap them at the right moment. They collect points if they tap correctly, and lose points if they miss.

This way, you can easily draw consumers’ attention to your product or service advantages and predefine their focus. Give it a try and play the example below.

Get higher engagement rates

Most ads just focus on presenting. They don’t engage people or reward them for their interest. As a result, they fail to bring value to their target audience.

Playable ads, however, involve your audience into gameplay and offer them instant rewards. This way, gamified ads can increase your click-through-rate by 30% and improve your customer engagement.

Collect ‘real’ contact details in a non-intrusive way

62% of adults play games on mobile and 85% teenagers play games on a daily basis. People love to be entertained and to win prizes, reductions and coupons from their favorite brands.

Offering rewards after engaging your audience is a great way to collect their emails in a non-intrusive way as well. After entertaining them, they will give you their “real” email address for a chance to win your products, coupons or other gifts.

This way, by showing people custom forms after playing your ad, you can collect contact details and insights about your prospects in a non-intrusive way. You also get access to game analytics and game reports to identify engaged players and follow up on promising leads.

Collect ‘real’ contact details in a non-intrusive way

Get actionable insights about your audience, ads and ROI

Playable ads enable you to collect useful insights about your target audience and about the performance of your ads. You can use these insights to optimize your campaigns and make informed decisions about ROI:

• Collect valuable lead data – names, e-mail addresses, demographics and so on – to finetune your ad targeting and reach your marketing and sales goals.

• Access ad performance metrics such as sessions, gameplays, answers to questions, clicks on Calls-To-Action and game shares to measure effectiveness and optimize performance.

In short: OJOO for advertising is an all-in-one marketing solution to face 2017’s digital marketing challenges and meet your goals.

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