Playable ads: A better way to build brand awareness

Building quality brands is one of the most effective ways to boost your business and support sales in the long term. But the overload of commercial messages and dropping ad engagement makes it more difficult to build brand awareness and make your company stand out.

The easiest way to still get your message through and build brand awareness? Don’t force ads on your audience, but make them fun so people want to listen to what you have to say!

In this article we will discuss why building brand awareness is so challenging, how you can use Playable ads to increase brand awareness and show you some different examples.

The playable email banner

How Playable ads overcome the challenges of building brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the extend to which consumers are familiar with your brand, products, qualities and values. Building brand awareness is a very effective way to boost sales, as your brand will pop up in consumer’s minds when they need your product or service.

Unfortunately, spreading your brand values is a very intensive and timeconsuming process for a number of reasons. Here’s how Playable ads the most important challenges of building brand awareness:

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  • Create a positive attitude towards your ads with gamification

Many people dislike ads. It’s difficult to create a positive brand image through a medium people dislike. Some Ad campaigns even actively hurt a brand’s image because it’s shown too often or people dislike the ad.

Playable ads make ads fun again. By adding gamification elements like challenges, points and leader boards, people feel like they are playing a game instead of watching an add. Research shows people consider interactive ads more fun, engaging, stimulating and creative, leading to better campaign results.


  • Increase (video) engagement

Dropping ad engagement has been a problem in marketing for many years now. The rising popularity of using multiple screens at the same time is even hurting video engagement. People increasingly combine watching video with scrolling on their smartphone.

With Playable ads, you can turn your marketing videos into video games to drastically boost the engagement and retain the attention of your viewers.

  • Increased brand time

Brand values like quality, great customer service, durability, etc. are hard to prove to your target audience. They typically arise from the company strategy, production processes and even company culture. It requires a lot of time to these things clear, whereas consumers don’t want to spend a lot of time watching ads.

Turning your ads into video games boosts the time people spend on your ad. People are more likely to watch a video to the end when they’re playing a game. And by including a point system, a leader board, prizes and social share functions, you can very easily add replayability to our ads. People will not only play your games several times to get a good score or for extra chances to win a prize, but they might even challenge their friends to beat their scores.

3 types of Playable ad video games you can use to build brand awareness

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#1 Find images in a video

Recruitment game

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The Findit game is a video version of the popular ‘Where is Wally’ game. You can upload a video and 5 images. Players need to carefully watch the video and click when they see one of the images.

This game is great to increase the attention level of your viewers and make sure they watch the entire video.

#2 Logo video game

Recruitment game

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Add an overlay with logos to your video. Players need to click whenever they see the logo.

You can also include wrong logos to make it more difficult!



#3 Word game video

Recruitment game

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Hide letters in your video and let viewers puzzle the word together.

You can choose a word that reflex a USP or quality of your brand or product to further build your brand.



How to use Playable ads in your marketing plan

One would think Playable ads can only be used online. But that’s not true! You can use them on all kinds of place to increase your brand visibility.


  • Reach new customers through digital signage screens

Playable ads can be used on digital signage screens and video walls to reach new target audiences. Public spaces like shopping malls, airports, railways retail chains and many other ad distributors offer ad space on interactive screens. Playable ads can be used on any screen size so they’re compatible with digital signage screens all over the world!

Playable ads are a great way to introduce your company or brand to new audiences. They attract attention and instantly create a positive brand image because people are having fun when they interact with the brand.

  • Engage your website visitors

A lot of website are struggling to keep their average session duration on par. Playable ads are a great way to engage website visitors and make them interact with your website and brand for a longer time. You can include them on the most relevant page of your website, or publish them on a special campaign landing page.

  • Entertain clients when they visit your company, stores or stand

When people are visiting your company, stores or your stand at exposition, Playable ads are a fantastic tool to improve the experience of your visitors while making them familiar with your company, brand or products.



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