7 elements that make a great interactive video advert

If you’re reading this, then you want to learn more about interactive video advertising. Maybe you’re an advertising expert already, and create content all the time for yourself or for other clients.Or maybe you’re working in a small business that wants to use a more innovative form of advertising that represents who you are as a brand. Either way, you’re in the right place.

The medium of video is the king of content now, there’s no doubt about that, in fact Cisco predicts that over 80% of all online content will be video by 2021, and this evolution means you’ll need put in a little effort to make your own video content really stand out from the crowd and truly engage with your target audience. That’s why adding interactive layers to your content is a simple, yet incredibly effective solution to helping you achieve your video marketing goals.

Every day at OJOO, we enable businesses to make their content interactive, and have learned a lot from some of the frequent questions we get from clients and users, so here’s some initial things you should think about before creating your interactive ad, and the vital elements you need to make your video ad successful.

The first thing real question to ask yourself is; “What do I want to achieve with my interactive ad?”. It’s a simple question, but crucial to choosing the right type of ad solution and what format to choose. Here’s some food for thought:

7 elements that make a great interactive video advert

1. Are you collecting data?

Is your goal to collect data from viewers of your ad, such as an email address? Or do you want to gather their opinions on certain topics? If so, do you want to ask viewers for their data at the beginning of the ad or after the ad has run? Consider what and how you’ll ask these viewers for their opinion or data.

2. Promoting products

Are you looking to promote your products or services via interactive or clickable elements? What product(s) are you focusing on and how do they appear in your video that can be enhanced with interactivity?

3. Rewarding viewers

Offering incentives for interaction is a great way to reach viewers en mass, as the ad is more likely to be shared. Who doesn’t like a free giveaway?

4. Brand awareness

Is mass brand awareness your goal, and you want to make your ad memorable to viewers? If so, what do you want viewers to take away from your ad?

5. A good story or eye catching design

Great advertising is built around entertaining narratives that compel the viewers to watch the advert all the way through, or visually striking imagery that immediately grab the viewer’s attention and curiosity. A well crafted video or imagery is the best place to start when making a strong interactive ad. It’s even better if you create your video to include interactive elements to begin with.

6. Adding branded content

The interactive layers in your video, particularly ones involving clickable elements, should align with your branding so it’s clear to users what they need to interact with. If you’re layering images over the video, use transparent images for the best results. Also as a general rule of thumb, use the best images you have available to you. You can also add sound effects to interactive videos, so if your company has a specific jingle, why not use it?

7. A clear call to action

Once users have interacted with your ad, what is is that you want them to do from there? Give data? Visit your site? Play the ad again? Having a defined call to action is the best way to finish off your interactive advert and give the viewer a reason to interact with your advertising in the future.

Creating interactive advertising has never been easier, and the list above will give you the right mindset to create the best interactive ad possible. If you have questions, want to know more, or have any additional input feel free to contact us!

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