5 ways to include interactive video in your marketing strategy for 2019

As a business, it’s highly likely that you have experimented with video advertising in some way in the past year. Whether it’s to promote your products or services, recruit new talent, or to build brand awareness on a larger scale. So whether you’ve just dipped your toe into the video marketing pool, or spent the entire budget on it, there’s an even stronger chance that video is a core element of your marketing strategy for 2019. When you look at some of the basic stats, the value of video is off the charts when you look at some of the statistics from 2018:

  • 65% of executives visit a vendors website after watching a video ad
  • 90% of customers say watching product videos helps them make purchasing decisions
  • At this rate, 82% of all internet traffic will be video based by 2021

Source: Vidyard

“Sign me up for more video ads!” I hear you holler whilst ringing a massive bell.

But hang on, there’s room for improvement here.

Whilst the value of video advertising isn’t being disputed, there’s a very strong case to be made for incorporating interactive video advertising as part of your strategy for 2019. Consider these stats:

  • Interactive video content generates 2x more conversions than static or linear content
    Source: Kapost
  • 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors
    Source: B2B Community
  • Adding interactive video elements have been shown to boost viewing time of ads by 47%
    Source: Mobilemarketer


“How do I experiment with interactive ads?” you may ask. Well, there’s a few simple ways to start experimenting, and we’re happy to share our expertise here at OJOO. Here’s an example of how a great product showcase video can be made into an interactive conversion-focused advert:

5 simple ways to include interactive video ads in your marketing strategy for 2019:

1- On your site

Where better to have your desired audience interact with your branded content than on your own site? A well crafted interactive ad can generate more leads and conversions than the standard video adverts you already have on display.

2- On social media

Video has exploded on social media, and whilst some channels have been slower to adopt native video ads (we’re looking at you, LinkedIn), it’s a great platform to test out interactive video ads and stand out amongst the dozens of linear videos you see populate your news feed

3 – Online advertising channels

Native advertising has evolved quite a long way from the static banner ads we grew accustomed to many years ago, and your customers are used to seeing more innovative (and sometimes annoying) ads being served to them online. Interactive video ads are an ideal way to encourage users to interact with your advertising

4 – At your next conference/trade show

Attracting potential clients to your booth/stand at trade shows can be a competitive affair, especially if some of your competitors are in the vicinity. This is where having an interactive ad can really help you generate leads, if you’re using interactive screens on your stand, some tablets, or even mobile phones. Having an engaging advert that entices people to interact, and more importantly leave some contact details so you can follow up after the event.

5 – Your written articles/blog content

Similar to your website, placing relevant ads on your blog or articles can be a very effective way to encourage readers to interact with your brand or products. Like a well placed call to action button, an interactive video advert can offer more added value to the article, inform your potential customers about specific product/service offers, and generate more leads for your sales team.

We hope these tips for experimenting with interactive advertising will inspire you to being a little more innovative with the way you generate awareness of your brand and products for the coming year.

At OJOO, we offer an interactive advertising creation studio, that will help you transform your existing video content into an interactive ad in moments. It’s totally free to use, and you can publish your ads on your website, via your business Facebook page, or on an interactive screen for free! So why not start experimenting today?

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