5 reasons to get started with interactive ads

Most people love shopping and trying out new products. But most people hate ads. Strange, right? So, what are we doing wrong? The answer is simple: interactive ads!

Each day, people are overloaded with thousands of commercial messages. We are so tired of ads that we start developing mechanisms to ignore them (like banner blindness).

The lack of engagement on traditional ads is a strain on their effectiveness.

To preserve the effectiveness of commercial messages, marketers need to drastically rethink the way they interact with their target audiences. But as long as people retain a negative attitude towards ads, not a lot will change.

So there’s really only one solution to regain your target audience’s engagement: make ads fun again!

The easiest way to do that is with interactive ads!
In this blog you can find what interactive ads are and 5 reasons why it’s a good idea to start using them.

What are interactive ads?

Example interactive ad - playable ad - OJOO

Interactive ads, also often called playable ads, are html5-based advertisements you can click on and interact with. That means they are compatible with web browsers, so you can use them on your own website or as banner ads on other sites. They exist in many different forms: from a simple quiz to a branded mini game or even interactive videos with clickable hotspots.

You can use them to achieve your marketing goals:

  • create brand awareness
  • generate leads
  • boost sales
  • gain customer insights
  • increase social sharing


Looking for inspiration?
Check out some examples of here!

5 reasons to get started with interactive ads right now!

Not really convinced your company should invest in interactive ads? Check out these 5 reasons why you should get started with interactive ads right now!

1. Interactive ads are fun and perform better

In a study between traditional static ads and interactive ads, people described interactive ads as more:

  • Fun (+91%)
  • engaging (+70%)
  • stimulating (+66%)
  • creative (+52%)


This means the innovative format itself already creates a positive attitude towards the ad. Amazing, right?

That positive attitude solves the lack of engagement ads struggle with and leads to better results.

There are many reports showcasing better results, but here are just a few statistics on what you can expect from interactive ads.


% completion rate


% more view time


% higher CTR

2. Interactive ads gather more and better data

Marketers love data.

Due to their interactive nature, playable ads generate a lot more data.

Play time, number of clicks, given answers, customer feedback and contact details are just a tip of the data iceberg you can collect with interactive ads.

Our own case reports show great results for social sharingcompletion rates and replayability and gathering user generated content.

More ánd better data? That’s a double win!

3. Leading ad platforms are pushing interactive ads

Google and Facebook, the leaders of the online ad market are pushing interactive ads. Those companies rely on massive samples of data to improve their customer experience and are in the best position to know what people want.

According to Facebook, slow load times are a top reason people abandon a website after clicking on an ad. That’s why they created interactive Canvas ads.
To increase conversions, they created lead ads, allowing marketers to include a contact form in an ad.

Google is experimenting with Playable ads on mobile and rich media interactive banner ads to boost app downloads in the Android Store.

Technologies the big players push, are very likely to become staple in the future. So better jump on the bandwagon now, right?

4. Interactive ads boost your company image and employee motivation

Clients and competitors always keep an eye on what you’re doing. Engaging in innovative projects is a great way to positively boost your company image and make your company stand out.

That also counts for your employees. The limitless possibilities of Playable Ads can feed the creativity of your marketing team and boost their motivation together with the marketing results!

So interactive ads don’t only improve your campaign results, they also have a positive effect on your entire company!

5. You can do a lot of fun things with Interactive ads!

There are countless ways to transform your marketing campaigns to Playable ads.

Gamify your marketing videos by enriching them with interactive layers! Challenge your target audiences with quizzes, minigames and feedback tasks or organise a contest, give away a cool prize and collect valuable customer data.

The only limit is your own imagination and creativity.

Want to see some examples?
Here you can play some cool playable ads!

Need help to get started with Interactive ads?

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