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Discover an augmented world

with challenges, media & treasures

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OJOO Ghent Grail

Discover an augmented world

with challenges, media & treasures

OJOO Ghent Grail

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Add timers, password or in-app purchases

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Analyse the results

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OJOO portfolio Ghent Grail
OJOO portfolio Cultuurnet Schatten van Vlieg
OJOO portfolio Deurne
OJOO portfolio Antwerp Skate Game
OJOO portfolio Lichtfestival Gent
OJOO portfolio Dragon Fosfor

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OJOO testimonials Antwerp Skate Game


OJOO quickly turned out to be thé tool we needed for our Antwerp Skate Game. As Antwerp City Drops, we will bombard the city with urban sports, lifestyle and culture during a festival on 24 & 25/9/16. To attract the entire skate community for our festival, we launched the Antwerp Skate Game. The OJOO Design Studio offers plenty of possibilities we could profit from.

Arno Bal
Medwerker, Antwerp City Drops

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